A New Generation

Education isn’t just about knowledge transfer - it is about evoking a sense of curiosity and equipping learners with tools to find those answers - no matter how old they are or where they go.

At NEST, we are dedicated to nurturing a generation of ‘self-actualized students’ who are grounded in values, driven by creativity and problem-solving, and led by a collaborative mindset. A new archetype of children who are prepared for every future uncertainty and will redefine the paradigms of society and the world.

the nest school

NEST is now an IB PYP Candidate School

The NEST School Chennai is a Candidate School for IB Primary Years Programme. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy - a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education that The NEST School Chennai, believes is important for our students.

A Legacy of Passionate Educators

Conceived by the Meenakshi Group of Colleges to evolve a new generation of young learners, NEST is born from almost a 75-year legacy of creating graduates who have created indisputable impact across fields like Science, Technology, Fine Arts, the Civil Service, Sports and even Mountaineering.

Heartful Education in the City Centre

Located in the heart of Chennai, our Kodambakkam campus within the Meenakshi Group of Colleges is a harmonious blend of nature, and best-in-class & sustainable infrastructure to inspire environmentally conscious, young learners.

Changing the Paradigms of Education with

the nest school
Personalised & Dynamic Learning Experience

Children-centric classes led by collaborative, hands-on learning and real-world problem solving

the nest school
Sustainability at Heart

In the heart of the city, the campus is a blend of sustainable infrastructure & nature to nurture self-aware young learners

the nest school
Organic Learning Environment

Practising no-subject hierarchy and demonstrating sustainable practices to cultivate young environmentalists

the nest school
Experiential Learning

Practising application-based, practical learning with equal exposure to extracurriculars and sports to uplift innate talents

The key to their world and future lies here

Admissions Open For

Nursery School

Admissions start April 2022

Offering a wholesome learning experience, NEST seeks to acquaint students to the world around them through play-based, inquiry-driven and creatively-stimulating learning. An experience peppered with group interactions, reflection and exposure to various art forms will develop a holistic foundation every young learner needs.

Primary School

Grade 1 - 3
Admissions start April 2022

As a gateway for budding learners, NEST’s Primary Program equips them with tools to interact with and assimilate a world of information around them. While helping them navigate their world and community, our facilitators hone their innate need to self-reflect and create art.

Middle School

Grade 6
Admissions start April 2022

At this phase, students are equipped with tools to not just understand but question, reflect and deduce patterns, adversities and challenges in their community. By facilitating level-headed thinking, NEST lays the groundwork for a generation of shrewd and insightful learners.

The NEST Campus

Imbibing sustainability at its heart, our campus was designed for open spaces, a harmonious fusion with natural elements and as a place for your child to explore and pursue their passions - to nurture a generation of holistic young learners

Open House at NEST

Relive the highlights from our recently hosted Open House on 21st May on Saturday. Watch this space to get updates on all our upcoming events!

Our Core Team

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